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“Could It Really Be Possible to Quickly Transform the
Self-Absorbed Nag You Love
into a Sex-Crazed Cheerleader?
Who Not Only Worships the Ground You Walk On and
Tells All Her Friends How Much of an Animal You are In the Bedroom, She Greets You With A Huge Smile
Everytime You Walk in the Door!"

FORTUNATELY, the answer is YES!
The simple to use insider secrets of Her Love Bucket
reveal the ninja tactics required to make her putty in your hands
so you BOTH love what you do for each other.

From: Sherrie Rose

RE: Your Sex and Love Life

Dear Friend,

If you are a man who's never heard of her "love bucket" then you may be at a loss with the most important woman in your life.

If you are in love with a woman, but fear your relationship may be damaged due to some sort of breakdown and you are not quite sure what it is - yet you deserve total (and unquestionable) power to regain your rightful position – then this is the most important message you will ever read.

My name is Sherrie Rose…and in just a moment, I will show you how to smoothly force your relationship to become the “perfect” romance of your fantasy faster than you ever dreamed. The insider secrets of “Her Love Bucket” reveal the required knowledge to put you in the (benevolent) power position...

…just as I have done for hundreds of other well-deserving men.

And I will do the same for you.

Nasty Frustrating Symptoms Of An
Unbelievably Devastating Problem

…that, if not dealt with properly, will slowly but surely - strip your love away from you and leave you out in the cold.

Recently, three friends, married and in serious relationships, told me their wife wanted a divorce or their girlfriend left them - AND THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHY!!! They never took me up on my offer to get the secrets of her "love bucket." They are feeling heartbreak and looking at endless alimony. Sad. Don't let it happen to you! You don't want to be that husband or that boyfriend

But, I absolutely refuse to let that happen to you as I’ve seen it happen to more high-quality men than I personally like to admit.

I’m talking about really good guys that seriously deserve to fully experience their women as super-happy, extremely appreciative and almost “fairy tale” levels of devotion which I KNOW is 100% possible in any relationship that has even the slightest bit of love involved.

It’s that important.

The Story:
Most men and, in particular, busy entrepreneurial and career-oriented men, typically do not take the time to consistently “fill her love bucket” when dating long-term, once married, or in a steady relationship.

The Point: You increase the probability of success in your relationships with women whenever you actively gain knowledge about the priority desires of “her love bucket.” And, by filling her rings of desire, it comes back to you to increase your masculine potential and your male virility. You become a MASTERMAN. (A Masterman exudes mastery and integrity because he has self-discipline, confidence, clarity of purpose on a daily basis, and strategic direction of his life. Women are extremely attracted to a masterman (think Rockstar), young boys clamor to be lead by a masterman, and peers seek the counsel of a masterman.)

The Benefit: You are NOT forced to submit to the pressures of an overly demanding woman in dating or in your relationship. She gets what she wants. You get what you want.

The Resource: The Accelerator Class in THE “MAN CLASS” SERIES shows men the unique system revealed in the 7 Ways to Fill Her Love Bucket so you will never have to suffer relationship pain again.

What is “Her Love Bucket”?

Her Love Bucket is an analogy for a vessel that holds a woman’s desires. Her desires are pictorially represented by the color-coded 7 rings that encircle her love bucket. Her love bucket can be empty but it never overflows; it expands to receive more love. She will take every inch of your love …

    “Red Hot”
      Ring of Desire

  • The SEX Ring of Desire is red hot and on the top of Her Love Bucket. There are six more Rings of Desire of Her Love Bucket.

How am I so sure of this? The answer is simple, really…
  • Having a sensual lover who knows the techniques to please and provide multiple orgasms (big smile!) involves more than physical desires.

  • I’ve applied logic and created The Love System to take the confusion out of a woman’s desires so men can use the clear color-coded system with graphs, charts, and diagrams to "crack the code" of the female mind to give you the inside track to win with her...

  • By popular demand, at a marketing conference, several businessmen insisted that I make public my logical system for understanding women’s desires (these men said guys need all the help they can get!).

  • I had no intention to do this, or write a book, or develop a course as I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist, but the guys would not take no for an answer.

  • My business background has forced me to provide data, specs and information in a logical format. This information is my personal philosophy about what I wanted as a woman. I'm sharing it with you.

  • I'm a systems thinker and I've worked primarily with men throughout my career. I'm also a woman who was married with two kids and divorced. Slow to love and feeling the pain of heartbreak, I experienced immense gender compassion for men. Cut the confusion and get on the fast track to win now!
Above all I understand the overwhelming challenges men face when dealing with an emotional, irrational, and outright confusing woman - whom they love - when trying their hardest to communicate.

And, I’m here to show you how to obtain total control of your relationship once and for all.

Here’s the bottom line: If you’ve got the guts, you can totally revolutionize yourself, your relationship, and - most importantly - your woman into everything you’ve intimately desired and change your life forever…

Starting today.

Finally…Simple Step-by-Step Solution That
Works On Every Woman, Every Time!

How To Satisfy A Woman - How to Satisfy Your Wife ...

Look, as I woman, I am extremely logical in everything I do.

Why should that matter to you?

Because, I’m a girl who thinks like a guy. That means, I have the unique ability to understand the emotions of a woman AND break them down logically – with child-like simplicity and pragmatic detail - so that you can bridge the gap between you and your woman…

…eradicate all barriers from your relationship for good…

…and open up the most open (and honest) means of communication humanly possible, so that you can:

  • Experience more (and 10-times) hotter sex than you’ve ever had with her before

  • Eliminate nagging from your life practically forever

  • Become her hero whom she practically worships, almost overnight!
  • The great news is that this is now easier (and safer) than ever before in romantic history.

    I will teach you to do this, just as I have done for hundreds of men in my life, for you. And all it takes, is learning the insider-secrets of a practical (and hyper-scientific) approach to handling your relationship and becoming the master of your domain. I call this approach "Filling Her Love Bucket."

    Filling Her Love Bucket

    …is far more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

    What Does it Take to Make Her Happy?
    What are Her Rings of Desire?

    Discover at last—what women really want!
    You won’t believe how easy it is to give it to her.

    • The 2 things you must not do or you’ll miss her love bucket (and you can forget about sex tonight or maybe even longer…)

    • A ring of desire is not an expensive diamond ring and why you need to find out the specifics of your lovers desires

    • There are 7 Ways to Fill Her Love Bucket and the good news is you probably only need to know 3 or 4!

    • The 7 Rings that Encircle Your Lover’s Love Bucket are her desires. These are her Rings of Desire.

    • The more you fill her love bucket the more it expands and her happiness increases.
    • The 2 quick ways to learn about her desires and how to take immediate action

    • Why learning the 7 Ways to Fill Her Love Bucket benefits YOU, the man, in a relationship

    • Give Her Platinum! - You don’t have to spend a dime here, platinum is a metaphor.   Learn about the Platinum Ring of Love and the Platinum Rule of Love. How to Please a Woman the Easy Way!

    • The only situation you should ever argue about—and why every other situation where you argue kills your authority

    • The 3 factors to take into consideration and how these fit clearly into the secret of your lady’s 7 Ways to Fill Her Love Bucket

    • The truth about taking care of women when it comes to relationships

    • How to switch from being a provider to become a “pro” with “vision” like an alpha-male or better a MASTERMAN!

    • How to instantly recognize communication and personality issues and use them to your benefit and her's

    • The unusual reason why her mindset style will change in four distinct ways and you can sense the change and control it (and why you must do it NOW)

    • How to use your male logic and conscious thought to deal with her emotional state (and not have it backfire) and save you a ton of misery

    • What are the genetically wired circuits that you must be very aware of that will activate her sexuality and improve your sex life

    • The Secret to Magnify LOVEMATISM (and learn how sexual magnetism is part of the Lovematism bond and How to Satisfy A Woman Sexually)

    • What is a “grand gesture” and do you want to give one?

    • How to recognize your lover … How to give your lover attention for who she is and what she does (beyond compliments) and why this turns her on …

    • The usual—and necessary—characteristics of all “masters of influence” – and knowing when to use them

    • Why trying to impress your woman requires insider knowledge or it might just turn her off! Most guys subconsciously know this, but don’t do it and then wonder why she’s turned off.

    GUYS, Get What You Want:
    The Right Kind of Attention, Power, and Control!

    (With two simple tactics alone!)

    • The critical difference between how men and women pay attention and why knowing her attention process puts you in the logical power position of authority

    • How to exercise male power without the usual reaction from women

    • What the two modes are for women and how to keep her in the optimal mode so she does what you want (and she is happy about it)

    • What to do—and not do—when you’re royally pissed off at your woman (and why you must be careful not to create a situation that can follow you for years)

    • The truth about how and when to apologize and why you must use them to your advantage

    • The truth about “raising your voice”, when to use it and more importantly, when not to (and why the most effective men, as the "Chairman" in the relationship, rarely raise their voice)

    • The worst thing you can ever do with any women—yet 99% of men always make this relationship killing mistake (you’ve probably made it yourself—multiple times—and eventually it will come back to haunt you)

    STOP Being Labeled the Dreaded
    “Nice Guy” or “Wuss” and
    Take Charge in Your Relationship

    • Why being a MASCULINE MALE (Masterman alpha-male) is your birthright and why women try to emasculate men (even if she loves you)

    • What to do when your woman starts ACTING LIKE A MAN and how to get her back into her feminine sexual state

    • What are the 7 Lifestyle Riches that you can share and enjoy with your lover

    • The 3 things your lover wants – if you commit to memory these three things you will know more than most men and always know the motivation of your woman

    • How to combine her desires – get more bang for your effort and she’ll be ecstatic

    Why Be Just a Good boyfriend or husband?
    ... When YOU CAN BE HER HERO !

    • The two things implicit in every action and which one takes precedence and what you must avoid doing or she will hate you forever

    • How to create AROUSAL instantly by exercising your male power

    • What are your love-coordinates? How and when do you intersect in many areas - particularly in the bedroom?

    • How to set your Love Compass

    • The truth about keeping your love alive – now revealed in the class series - get the simple secret of the ROSE FORMULA (which has nothing to do with flowers)

    • How to Keep Her Laughing and keep her focused on you

    • The story of how to Master the BEST SEX EVER

    • How to Satisfy A Woman, How to Satisfy Your Wife or Girlfriend

    • 7 Conversations – which one do you find yourself in (repeatedly)?

    • No Degree Required - Armchair psychology and physiology. What you need to know about the brain and body of women

    • Action and inaction – when to do each for the right reactions

    • How To Turn Your Woman Into A LOVE DIPLOMAT … she’ll keep your best interests at heart when negotiating with you and she’ll want you to remain in the benevolent power position

    • How to be a Hero in Your Own Home (Very few men know this secret and it will make your life much better)
    • The Psyche of His and Her Mindsets - Why it is important to understand her mind and yours and how to move up on a level and stay there most of the time

    • What is INTELLISENSE and how do you use it?

    • Why listening is an act of love and using this special tip, why you don’t have to hear what she is saying and she’s perfectly okay with it

    • The necessary characteristics of EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION – make her do most of the work, after all women do most of the talking (and she’ll want to do it, too!)

    • How to persuade your woman to do what you want and it is not at all manipulative – she will WANT to do it for you

    • How to ask her questions to get answers you want to hear

    • How her expectations and unspoken meanings that lead her to jump to conclusions can be turned around to your benefit

    • What are the EM-FACTORS and TEN-FACTORS (and why should you care)?

    • Learn the 10 Commandments of Love

    • Are you with the Right Lover? Check in with yourself before going to the divorce attorney (and this is not advice that she can blame you for)

    • Other women – how to deal with the other women in your life and still keep your "10/10" woman’s love bucket filled

    • Identifying “breaking points” and figuring out if you can bounce back or if this is the point of no return in your relationship or marriage
    And these are just a FEW of the well-kept secrets you will learn when you decide that you are ready to step-up and take control of your life as a man.

    Here's What I Have For You

    Step-by-step formulas and system for getting your own amazing results as fast as possible...
    Your own brand-spanking new seat in my best-selling

    A Step-By-Simple-Step Class for Men
    to Create the Spark and
    Sustain the Passion in a Thriving Relationship
    while getting WHAT YOU WANT,
    the WAY YOU WANT IT!

    …which offers 4 jam-packed weeks of cutting-edge relationship igniting insights guaranteed to elevate your love to the “next” level fast.

    (You can take THE “MAN CLASS” SERIES online -
    and you can learn from the comfort of your home or office)

    You’ll be bombarded with dripping-hot, new breakthroughs like:

    • The Single Biggest Factor to a Man’s Power

    • The Secret to taking the authority position of “The Chairman” in your relationship that puts you in the Highest Power Position which is the evolutionary “correct” position for the human male

    • Why both men and women benefit when the man is in the power position and how you can get there

    • Why men are not in the power position in their relationship with their wife or girlfriend … and why you continue to suffer the consequences, even though it’s not your fault

    • What authority is in the power position, what it is NOT… what society does not want you to know

    • How you can easily use your power position and authority to magnetically attract the woman in your life to get her to WANT to do what YOU want her to do

    • The two biggest reasons why men fail with authoritative power, and how to correct them quickly and easily

    • Why being in the power position is a personal choice and is yours for the taking to use whenever you desire (you can turn your power on or off at will when you know this simple secret)

    • How to generate “instant admiration” as The Chairman in your relationship by simply “turning on” your authoritative power (not one in a thousand men knows this neat little secret)

    • Why you do NOT have to change “who you are” to use the authority you claim as The Chairman of the Relationship (a common fear among men, luckily it’s just not true)

    • The truth about women and power —and why the media, government and public school system has it all wrong … and men need to take back their power

    • Why abuse is NOT a power position and why it will backfire

    • Why the man’s benevolent power position is NOT controlling, abusive or just plain mean (and why guys who try to use power in this way always fail miserably)

    • Myths that are holding you back from succeeding in your relationship to win with her and be her hero

    • Why and how any man can turn on his “natural authoritative power” no matter how long you’ve been in a relationship (and she’ll be thrilled!)

    • The two types of power—and which one you must use to keep the peace and why you must NOT use the other one

    • Why an independent “feminist” woman will change before your eyes and even crave your decision to take action to be in the power position in the relationship and why these women are truly frustrated with men (Warning: when you become the The Chairman in your relationship, these kind of women in all parts of your life will admire you – so be careful that you don’t create too much jealousy – you’ll learn how to control jealousy, too!)
    • What single effect the perfect handbag, purse, or pocketbook has on your sex life (Hey guys, have you ever been dragged to the mall by your girlfriend or wife and looked on in utter amazement as she found the perfect handbag?)

    • What shoes really mean to women and your contentment (Do you see the sheer delight on her face after she found that perfect pair of pumps to match the handbag? She already has 75 pairs in her closet that to you look exactly the same, maybe the heel height is different, so what can possibly make this bag and pair of shoes so extra-special?)

    • And why do women want that many shoes, anyway? (There really is a biological factor that you can make work for you; even it if does mean you take out the wallet it will help your sex life)

    • Why it is important for her to believe that a pair of shoes really can make her caves look shapely and her legs longer? If you hear her mention Manola Blahnik, you’d better get a second job. Even Carrie Bradshaw (played by actress Sarah Jessica Parker) of Sex And The City fame who spends her whole paycheck on Manola Blanik’s only has two feet, right?

    • And while the subject, why do women always seem to go to the ladies room together? Is it a strategy session, do they need moral support or do they really help each with their business? Seriously, what’s up? The “Man Class” series explains these previously unanswered questions so you do not have to wonder forever…

    • The “Man Class” series reveals details and a complete step-by-step system that will get you the results you want with your wife or girlfriend so you can win and be her hero.

    • “Plus much, MUCH MORE!

    You have obviously figured out by now that by knowing how to tap into the energy of your wife or girlfriend, she’ll become more satisfied (and stop nagging) and you can increase your greater potential as a man and get on with making money, being successful, doing more and sharing more with your lover and the world around you.

    I need to ask you something of massive importance that directly affects the rest of your love life.

    Just promise to answer with brutal honesty, here - because if you have ever felt even the slightest sliver of pain from a potential “lost love” - then you already know that the stakes are HUGE.

    Imagine your woman (or the woman you lost) right now…

    • Does she nag you for the littlest things EVEN when you do everything you can for her?

    • Does it seem like the more you love her, the more distant she becomes?

    • Is her constant need for attention a bottomless pit that she never seems to appreciate no matter how much attention you give her?

    • Does she over-react to the slightest argument which spirals her into a funk that takes days (if not weeks) for her to finally “snap out” of?

    • Has her sexual motivation fizzled out to the point where your libido feels like a thing of the past?

    • Do you feel that she doesn’t love YOU as much as you love HER?

    • Are her conversations with you mostly “surface level” because she becomes emotionally detached the instant you try to express your innermost feelings for her?

    • Is she “hot and cold” – almost all the time – to the point where you can never seem to expect a consistent reaction from her?

    • Does her indirect avoidance of “real” issues make you feel like she doesn’t care at all?

    • Are you really happy with the amount and depth of sexual connection you have?

    • Do you feel like she’s judging you constantly and hoping you will change to be more like the way SHE wants you to be?

    • At critical times is she almost always late for you appearing as if she doesn’t respect your schedule or commitments?

    • Do you try to be her hero and help solve her problems, only to be confronted with her resentment for not “just sitting there and listening”?

    • Does she never seem to validate your concerns or difficulties and freeze-up when you talk to her about problems?

    • Have all your attempts at communication feel like a self-destructing time bomb?

    If you have so much as thought about answering “Yes” to ANY of these questions, then it is absolutely critical that you take this course.

    “How Do I Know This Will This Work For Me?”

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    Robert Humber, Irvine CA
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    "A guy has to ask himself, “Am I doing this just so I can get my way or am I doing this so everybody wins? When everybody's winning, the world elevates. It is a lofty, noble and achievable goal."

    "I attend church and believe in God. If God gives you a gift and you use it, you become the gift. You become a channel of the information. This class is a gift. Use it."


    “You've turned my life around. This class gives you insights about women in a way that a guy probably couldn't figure out on his own. It takes the load off."


    "This class is a little bit like connecting the dots. There are instructions to get you to ask smart questions and find your lady’s real priorities. Makes it easier for a man to provide for her and create surprises which produce curiosity, mystery, fun and more sex in your intimate relationship."


    "This class will instantly change a man’s outlook. You decide very early on if you are interested in a relationship or you're just playing. If a woman wanted a litmus test for her man, taking this class (without her pushing him), shows he is serious and it shows his maturity. A mature man would "get" this information instantly and want to apply the practical knowledge to his love life."

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